Western Union and BuySafe Partner for eBay Transactions

Date: Friday, July 9, 2004

Western Union Auction Payments, formerly BidPay, entered into a deal with BuySafe, a service that offers eBay sellers bonding from The Hartford. Western Union Auction Payments will reimburse sellers for their BuySafe fees when buyers use Western Union Auction Payments to pay for their eBay transaction.

The BuySafe program offers up to $10,000 in protection to buyers when they buy a bonded item from a BuySafe seller. Sellers typically pay 1% of the final sales price for the BuySafe with The Hartford program. When a buyer uses Western Union Auction Payments to pay for a bonded transaction, BuySafe will reimburse the seller the cost of the BuySafe Seal and the surety bond from The Hartford. (The Hartford's Bond Premiums will not be discounted or waived. BuySafe will apply a credit to a qualified seller's account to cover The Hartford Bond Premiums and BuySafe Seal fees.) See Web site for details and restrictions.

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