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Send Money Transfer has become a directory for all the best services that Western Union has to offer (which includes everything from a simple telegram or quick collect to an international money transfer). You can even use Western Union's BidPay service to pay for eBay auctions.

Quick History Lesson


Western Union was established in New York in 1851 as a telegraph company. In 1995, First Data Corporation acquired Western Union as a subsidiary in a $7 billion merger with First Financial Management Corporation (I wonder if the original founders would have ever thought something like that would ever happen?)... The westernunion.com website was introduced late in the dot-com era, with the website coming online in the year 2000 which now allows you to send money transfers, telegrams or quick collect transactions from your computer.

The company has been around so long, it has a long history. It was founded over 150 years ago and with over 410,000 physical locations around the world (in more than 200 countries), it is not only the largest money transfer network (it's over 4x larger than Moneygram's network of 60,000 agents), it's also the fastest growing. Western Union is the leading money transfer service and allows you to make money transfers online from the privacy of your home with your Visa or MasterCard. A Western Union money order is similar to to a bank's online wire transfer, except you are able to send it to any Western Union location (even if you don't have a bank account). Other money transfer networks require that a physical ATM card be mailed to the person you are sending money to (iKobo for example), so the Western Union money transfer network is not only the largest, it's the fastest as well.

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